best cs executive books 7 books reference combo for self study

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Publisher : CS Notes Home - Notes Book Publication
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Publication Year : 2017
Language : english
Description : Dear CS Students - This combo inside 7 books for your cs executive self study- 1. Tax law and practice theory book 2. Tax law and practice MCq book 2500+ mcq 3. Cost and management accounting theory book 4. Cost and management accounting mcq book 2750+ mcq 5. Industrial labour and general laws mcq book 2600+ mcq 6. Companies Act 2013 best self study book 7. Capital market and Securities laws best self study book Books ambit with - Easy language - best Technic to make grip on concept - Quality mcqs for your hard practice - Experts view on concepts and marks - Table wise easy explanation - Chartwise easy explanation in short you can say its best combo books for cs executive and now you can do your self study at your home without any problem like our thousands of buyer did and got good marks in examination. Best of luck