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1free cs professional information technology video notes on software conceptADMIN
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4cs time management self study free video fro clearing cs exam in first attemptADMIN
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9best CS Professional Corporate Restructuring,Valuation and Insolvency book Applicable for 2017 ExamADMIN
10best self study cs professional books new syllabus for June Dec 2017 examADMIN
11Explain in short about Secretarial Audit company law 2013 cs notes ADMIN
12Passing of Resolution by Circulation Section 175 company law 2013 cs notesADMIN
13Company law 2013 case study situation based question with case law free notesADMIN
14Appointment and removal of deposit trustees and persons who not be appointed as deposit trustees Rule 7ADMIN
15Who is Promoter and Legal Position Of Promoter Company law 2013 free notes case studyADMIN
16independent directors role and functions company law 2013 free notes with case studyADMIN
17Is Winding up and dissolution are synonymous imp question for company law 2013ADMIN
18best capital market and security laws book with questions for june 2017 cs executive examADMIN
19free company law case study questions for cs ca law examADMIN
20Explain Duties of deposit trustees Important question of company law 2013 CS Notes HomeADMIN
21BOOKS OF ACCOUNTS SECTION 128 Companies Act 2013 notesADMIN
22best cs executive books with mcq and theory for june 2017ADMIN
23best self study Tips how to pass in capital market and securities laws book notes for cs executive ADMIN
24The conceptual framework of GovernanceNancy Batra
25Applicability of the Finance Act for December 2016 ExaminationsNancy Batra
26Cost and Management accounting updates for Dec2016Nancy Batra

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