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1write short notes on the global depository receipts Rahul Magre
2write short notes on the convertible debt instruments Rahul Magre
3write short notes on the preferential offer according to role Rahul Magre
4write notes on the compliance management role of information technology Rahul Magre
5write notes on the search and status report on the position of borrowings made by a company Rahul Magre
6write brief note on ISO standards for environment Rahul Magre
7write notes on the legal due diligence and legal Rahul Magre
8write notes on the inspection of register of menbers /debenture holders Rahul Magre
9write brief note on public announcement Rahul Magre
10write notes on the overseas investment by propritorship concerns/unregistered partnership Rahul Magre
11write notes on the american depository receipts Rahul Magre
12write notes on the pledge of shares held in dematehalist and role depository participantRahul Magre
13write short notes on the concurrent audit of depository participants Rahul Magre
14write notes on the depository participates regulation providesRahul Magre
15write notes on the electronic data information filing and retrivel system Rahul Magre
16write notes on the publication of financial reuslt newspapers under the listing agreement Rahul Magre
17write notes on the redemption and roll over of debt securities Rahul Magre
18write notes on the book building book buiding Rahul Magre
19write notes on the remuneration and committee Rahul Magre
20write notes on the risks on trading in debt securities Rahul Magre
21Write notes of the controversy on regional free trade agreementsRahul Magre
22Write short notes on the nomination committee Rahul Magre
23Write short notes on the integrity pact Rahul Magre
24Write short notes on the ethical dilemma Rahul Magre
25write notes on the favourable balance of trade Rahul Magre
26write notes of the advantage of india joinig the association of -east asian nations (ASEAN) Rahul Magre

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