documents which required to prepare the Annual Return

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 documents which required to prepare the Annual Return:  

•  Memorandum & Article of Association 

•  Statutory Registers 

- Register of Members

 - Register of Directors 

- Register of Director Shareholding 

- Register of Key Managerial Personnel 

- Register of Related Party Contracts 

- Register of Loan and Investment 

 - Register of Charge - Register of Securities 

•  Minutes of the Meetings

 - Board Meeting 

- General Meeting

 - Committee Meeting 

•  Attendance Sheet of the all Meetings 

•  Forms & receipts filed with the Registrar of Companies 

•  Indebtedness Certificate signed by Company Secretary/ CFO of the Company. 

•  Latest Audited Financial Statement 

•  Copy of Notice of Annual General Meeting 

•  List of Shareholders as on 1st April and 31st March 

•  List of Share Transfers during the Financial Year. 

•  Any orders received by the company from the High court or from any other regulatory body 

•  List of Promoters   

Note: Note: Note: Note:    Except the above mention information, if required professional can take Management Representation letter (MR Letter) from the Company.MR Letter should be suitably drafted. 

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