An Company is bound if ordinary resolution note paased by director for a bond

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A Company is bound if ordinary resolution note paased by director for a bond company law 2013?

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Q. A Company issued a bond under its common seal signed by two Directors. The Articles provided that the directors might borrow on bond such sums as they should be authorized by an ordinary resolution of the Company. No such resolution was passed. Is the Co. liable on the bond? 

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Yesterdays question answer here

Q.. The Articles of a Company provided that the shares of a member who became bankrupt would be offered for sale to other shareholders at a certain price.  Is the provision binding on the shareholders

Answer -  The facts of the given problem are based on the decided case of Bore land Trustee vs. Steel Bros. & Co. Ltd., in which case, the provisions in the Articles were held to binding on the members.  It was held that ‘Shares having been purchased on these terms and conditions, it is impossible to say that those terms and conditions are not to be observed”. Thus, since Articles constitute a binding contract between the Company and its members, the shareholders shall be held bound by the stated provision in the Articles.  

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