Best and important tips to solve case study in cs exam

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Best andimportant tips to solve case study in cs exam

Companysecretary exam and CA Exam

Case studyis important part of cs and ca exam because examiner want to check yourdecision making power on the issue.this process you can say important forchecking your IQ level because a case study means you need to give yourcomplete efforts to think and solve that.


In CS executiveExam subjects like

1. Companiesact 2013 – Company law

2.Industrial labour and general laws

3. Economicsand commercial laws

In CSProfessional-final exam subject like

1.Advancedcompany law and practice


3.Corporate restructuring

4.Drafting pleadingand appearance

5.Due diligence

Mainly thesesubjects have case study in question paper.Today we will try to understand howto solve case study in cs exam with better manner.  

Many timesstudent not comfortable with solving step of case study in cs exam we will tryhere to explain step to step procedure about to solve a case study.

Importantpart of case study in cs exam.


A case is ascenario that gives you the opportunity to identify problems and recommend acourse of action in a situation. The case may be real or fictional, but willusually represent a complex situation with no ready solutions.

At the firststage you have to pass through the four stages

·       Study

·       Contemplate

·       Decideand

·       Implement

The mostdifficult part of solving the case study is to understand the case wheremajority of student fails. So as to overcome from this, above four stages canbe beneficial.

Presently,an average Indian student does not have specific procedure to solve the casestudy nor their lecturer teaches. This procedure has different logical steps.

The analystneeds to:

• identifythe problem(s) in the situation presented in the scenario

• analysethe key issues within the context of the theory presented in your course

• developand compare alternative solutions to the problems

• considerthe advantages and disadvantages of various possible solutions

• select thebest solution and make recommendations for action

• write upyour case analysis in appropriate case analysis report format.


Whats theuse of Case analyses  in cs exam :

Manystudents have the same question whats the use of case study in cs exam why weneed to solve a query.But the ICSI and the examiner want to elaborate fewthings inside a student

• how youthink

• how youstructure a  problems

• yourability to *conceptualize, *draw clarity from ambiguity, *form views, *makerecommendations.


The stagesin preparing a case study analysis:

•understanding the case

•identifying the core problem in the case

• analysingthe issues in the context of a theoretical framework

• exploringalternative solutions with reference to a theoretical framework

• choosingthe best solution

• makingrecommendations for action.


What do youneed to do to understand the situation?

Your firsttask is to understand the scenario you are given. When you read the scenarioyou should identify the facts of the case. The following questions can guideyou in doing this.

• What isthe mission of the organisation?

• Who arethe "stakeholders" within the organisation?

• Who arethe "stakeholders" or target groups outside the organisation?

• What isthe formal decision making process in the organisation?

• What arethe informal decision making processes in the organisation?

• What isthe process of production or service delivery?

• Who arethe competitors?

• Whatexternal factors impact on the organisation?

• What isthe major problem?

• What aresubsequent problems and implications?

• What isthe role of management in relation to the problem?

• What isthe role of production/service providers in relation to the problem?

As you arereading you will also need to fill in gaps based on your knowledge of theoryand of the world and ignore irrelevant details.


Identifyingthe core problems:

Identify theObjective, Method and Facts of Case Study

Determinethe main objective of the case study. You may be writing a case study tofulfill an academic requirement or to help solve problems in real-lifesituations. An academic assignment typically will come with a specificobjective and instructions, whereas a professional assignment might require youto define the objective.

As youidentify the facts of the case you will begin to think about the problems andto decide which problems are core problems. In doing this you will need to;

•distinguish between symptoms of the major problems and the major problems themselves

•distinguish between immediate and longer term problems

• findevidence to support your decision about what you believe to be the coreproblems.


best answerfor a case analysis?

It isimportant to remember that there is no one correct answers to any caseanalysis. As in real life, there is more than one way to interpret a case andsolve problems, so there is no single answer. The approaches, interpretationsand recommendations of different students will probably vary considerably. Thisprovides a useful opportunity to compare and discuss different analyses andalternative solutions, which is a common practice in real life before finallyrecommending one solution.

 For CS Exam purpose we have many existing orders and case law of Court so we can use that as a reference to make strong our opinion on that case study. 

Steps tosolve the case-
1) Summary of the case – It’s the summary of the case i.e. what youhave understood about the case. You can start like this – “The case revolvesunder…. ”
2) Facts of the case – The important facts of the case which wouldreveal the problem.
3) Problem in case – Highlight the main problems in the case
4) Analysis of problems
5) Solution to the problem – Suggest 2 or more possible solutions
6) Analysis of solution
7) Final solution – Suggest the best solution which is suitable andfulfills the requirement.

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Hope thisarticle will help you towards your success.

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