Best tips for company secretary interview job and article ship training

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Best tips for company secretary interview job and article ship training

A recent disturbances, trouble, confusion has increased thedemand for corporate credibility and transparency. There is a need to retainthe confidence of the stakeholders. Since the top management is too busy withthe management of the administration and general working of the organisation,the new challenge has been shouldered to highly qualified and competentprofessionals. Here comes the role of Company Secretary, earlier the role wasto assist the Board and managing administration of the organisation. The rolehas been changed to a great extent. Now a company secretary is a complianceoffice, responsible for secretarial audit, profile has been looked upon and it isone of the admired jobs today.

Q. 1. Why did you apply for this company secretary job?

This being a very conman question and is asked to judge the precisenessof the applicant, they are looking for the specific reason from you so as towhy have you applied for this job or training. You should be confident enoughto clarify your wish to be a part of the organisation and performing theprofile. If the company feels you’re doing it for a specific reason then it candetermine if you’re a good fit or not.

Q.2. Why are you seeking out a new cs Job opportunity?

If you looking out for a Company Secretary Job then theremust have been a reason as to why you left your previous employer. Here theyare targeting at the most straight forward answer from you; it is good to beexact and honest. There could be a lot many reasons apart from a few likehaving a bad experience with boss, terrible work place.  You could’ve have been unhappy, the work wastoo challenging or you had a terrible workplace relationship with your bossand/or colleagues.

Q.3. What qualities are important to become  a good company secretary for the company?

Being a company secretary, compliance officer one has tohave indepth knowledge of Companies act, sebi regulations and other acts.He/sheposess the advocacy skills, should be well equiped with anylytical skills,competent to cope up with the internal and external changes. It is important tohave excellent communication skills, organizational abilities, capable tounderstand the requirement of being accountable and transparent tostakeholders.

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Important qualities of a company secretary student to become a good company secretary

Q.4. How would you address someone who has an appointment withanother employee?

The interviewer is trying to see if you have the ability toabide by the standard policies of the company. They help themselves to judge youby seeing how you speak to people and if you maintain healthy communication,ethical behaviour.

Q.5. How would you handle a stakeholder ,visitor rude investors as a role cs or company secretary?

Remember as a Company secretary you are representing thecompany, further you the liaison between Board and Stakeholder. It doesn’t matterwhat the job is, there will always be someone to give you grief over something whichwould be out of your control. They normally do this to find out how you wouldresolve a conflict with a shareholder, guest or visitor.

Q.6. What was your most challenging experience as a company secretaryin your previous employment?

How would you manage the whole task of general working ofthe organisation along with the regular compliance, even a delay of singleminute would levy a huge penalty on the company. How would you solve aninquiry from a potential stakeholder? There are a variety of scenarios that companysecretaries have to deal with on a daily basis, and a human resourcesinterviewer can listen intently as to how you conduct yourself in a stressfulsituation.

Q.7. As a company secretary, please highlight your strengths andweaknesses...

Be honest and purport that your strength is in organisation,while your weakness is speaking with high-level executives because they makeyou feel nervous. There have been many instances where managers hire a personbased on their honesty. Forget the cliched responses, such as “my biggeststrength is I love my work” and “my biggest weakness is I work too hard.”Your answer must be clear like a cs or as a KMP - Company secretary

Q.8 What would the factors that motivate you to go above andbeyond your normal/traditional company secretary - cs duties?

This is the right question where you can express your capabilityand willingness to outperform your cs duties.The answer can be as simple as beingrespected, appreciated and thanked for all of the hard work, dedication andhours you’ve put in. If this is regularly shown then you would obviously gobeyond the call of duty. In other words, informing the business that you wouldlike to be treated like a person could very well change the landscape of theenterprise. It also depicts you as someone who wants a career and not justanother paycheck.

Q.9 Do you have any further questions regarding this occupation?

It is most likly to have an end to the interview with thislast question. It’s important to have a minimum of three questions about thebusiness. By simply replying with “no” it portrays you as someone who is notinterested about the job. It can also give the negative perception that you havean unenthusiastic work ethic. Some times you might have a question but youhesitate to ask. Some time think that you might put up a wrong question. Beforean interview you should well aware about the nature of the company, you shouldhave done the research.

Being a company secretary is hard. Once you’ve done it forat least three months you’re likely to do it for years to come. The hardestpart is the interview because you’re competing with several other competent andcapable job candidates. Be prepared for these questions and remain calm at alltimes.


Few more important Interview Questions

1. Tell me about yourself.
2. What are some of your most significant accomplishments or achievements?
3. What qualities should a successful company secretary possess?
4. What was the most difficult aspect of obtaining a company secretary degree?

5. Describe three things that are most important to you in aCompany Secretary Training ?
6. Why did you choose this major field of company secretary study?
7. How did you go about cs work planning?

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