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(i) GROSS ANNUAL VALUE(G.A.V.) is the highest of

 (a) Rent received or receivable 

(b) Fair Market Value. 

(c) Municipal valuation. (If however, the Rent Control Act is applicable, the G.A.V. is the standard rent or rent received, whichever is higher).

 It may be noted that if the let out property was vacant for whole or any part of the previous year and owing to such vacancy the actual rent received or receivable is less than the sum referred to in clause(a) above, then the amount actually received/receivable shall be taken into account while computing the G.A.V. If any portion of the rent is unrealisable, (condition of unrealisability of rent are laid down in Rule 4 of I.T. Rules) then the same shall not be included in the actual rent received/receivable while computing the G.A.V. (ii) NET VALUE (N.A.V.) is the GAV less the municipal taxes paid by the owner. Provided that the taxes were paid during the year.

(iii) ANNUAL VALUE is the N.A.V. less the deductions available u/s 24. 

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