Companies Act 2013 Notified Sections List notes MISCELLANEOUS

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Companies Act 2013 Notified Sections List notes 


447 Punishment for fraud
448 Punishment for false statement
449 Punishment for false evidence
450 Punishment where no specific penalty or punishment is provided
451 Punishment in case of repeated default
452 Punishment for wrongful withholding of property
453 Punishment for improper use of “Limited” or “Private Limited”
454 Adjudication of penalties
455 Dormant company
456 Protection of action taken in good faith
457 Nondisclosure of information in certain cases
458 Delegation by Central Government of its powers and functions
459 Powers of Central Government or Tribunal to accord approval, etc, subject to conditions and to prescribe fees on applications
460 Condonation of delay in certain cases
461 Annual report by Central Government
462 Power to exempt class or classes of companies from provisions of this Act
463 Power of court to grant relief in certain cases
464 Prohibition of association or partnership of persons exceeding certain number
467 Power of Central Government to amend Schedules
468 Powers of Central Government to make rules relating to winding up
469 Power of Central Government to make rules
470 Power to remove difficulties

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