Define document and Explain various kinds of deeds cs professional drafting notes

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 Define document  and Explain various kinds of deeds cs professional drafting notes

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Document as per Section 31(18) of General Clauses Act, 1894   means any matter expressed or described upon any substance by means of letters, figures or marks, or by the more than one of those means, intended to be used, or which way be used, for the purpose of recording that matter.  As for instance, a writing is a document, words printed, lithographed or photographed are documents; a map or plan is a place or stone is a document.  A caricature is a document. Thus, document is a paper or other material thing affording information, proof or evidence of anything. 

Various kinds of Deeds 

1. A good deed is one which conveys a good title, not one which is good merely in form. 

2. A good and sufficient deed is marketable deed; one that will pass a good title to the land it purports to convey.

 3. An inclusive deed is one which contains within the designated boundaries lands which are expected from the operation of the deed.

 4. A latent deed is a deed kept for twenty years or more in man’s escritoire or strong box. 

5. A lawful deed is a deed conveying a good or lawful title.

 6. A pretended deed is a deed apparently or prima facie valid.

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