FUNDAMENTAL DUTIES short notes intro

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FUNDAMENTALDUTIES short notes intro

FundamentalDuties of citizens serve a useful purpose. In particular, no democratic politycan ever succeed where the citizens are not willing to be active participantsin the process of governance by assuming responsibilities and dischargingcitizenship duties and coming forward to give their best to the country. Someof the fundamental duties enshrined in article 51A have been incorporated inseparate laws.

For instance, the first dutyincludes respect for the National Flag and the National Anthem. Disrespect ispunishable by law. To value and preserve the rich heritage of the mosaic thatis India should help to weld our people into one nation but much more thanarticle 51A will be needed to treat all human beings equally, to respect eachreligion and to confine it to the private sphere and not make it a bone ofcontention between different communities of this land. In sum, the Commissionbelieves that article 51A has travelled a great distance since it wasintroduced in the Forty-second Amendment and further consideration should begiven to ways and means to popularise the knowledge and content of theFundamental Duties and effectuate them.

The most important taskbefore us is to reconcile the claims of the individual citizen and those of thecivic society. To achieve this, it is important to orient the individualcitizen to be conscious of his social and citizenship responsibilities and soshape the society that we all become solicitous and considerate of theinalienable rights of our fellow citizens. Therefore, awareness of ourcitizenship duties is as important as awareness of our rights. Every rightimplies a corresponding duty but every duty does not imply a correspondingright. Man does not live for himself alone. He lives for the good of others aswell as of himself.

It is this knowledge of whatis right and wrong that makes a man responsible to himself and to the societyand this knowledge is inculcated by imbibing and clearly understanding one’scitizenship duties. The fundamental duties are the foundations of human dignityand national character. If every citizen performs his duties irrespective ofconsiderations of caste, creed, colour and language, most of the malaise of thepresent day polity could be contained, if not eradicated, and the society as awhole uplifted. Rich or poor, in power or out of power, obedience to citizenshipduty, at all costs and risks, is the essence of civilized life. 

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