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  Duties in Relation to Directors:


The Secretary has tolook after the correspondence with the director, convene board meetings underthe direction, of the managing director, prepare minutes and execute the ordersand instruction of the board. He has to advise the directors during thedeliberations at the meeting regarding the provisions of various Acts. He actsas a guide to the board of directors.


The secretary is the confidential clerk of the board.While the directors lay down the broad policies of the company at boardmeetings, the secretary interprets these policies. He communicates boarddecisions to the staff and shareholders and because of this, he is called themouthpiece of the board of directors. Further, the secretary has to keep theboard posted with all developments relating to the activities of the company.As the secretary is the agent of the board of directors, he must carry outtheir instructions. In addition he keeps the common seal of the company anduses it as directed by the board

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