Guidelines tips for clear cs executive programme exam in very first attempts

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Guidelines tips for clear cs executive programme exam by self study in first attempts

Tips  Strategies and Guidelines to Clearing Your CSEXECUTIVE Exams in first attempt 

TheCS Executive Course consists of the following subjects and modules: 

Module 1

1. Company Law

2. Cost and Management Accounting

3. Economic and Commercial Laws

4.  TaxLaws and Practice

Module 2

5. Company Accounts and Auditing Practices

6. Capital Market and Securities Laws

7. Industrial, Labour and General Laws

Pattern ofthe CS Executive Question Papers:

Generally,in exams, the pattern of the question papers in all the above mentionedsubjects is as follows:
1. 8 questions will be asked out of which any 6 are to be answered. In eachpaper, the 1st question will be compulsory which will consist of 4-5 parts.(SUFFICIENT CHOICE)
2. There will be Objective Questions (True/False, Multiple Choice Questions,Fill in the Blanks etc.) in each paper.

3. For Omr MCq exams of Tax - cost - Labour law student need to solve mcq question on omr patter as per new syllabus.

Method of csexecutive self study:
Generally, for practical subjects, students opt for coaching. However, it isnot necessary to take tuitions for passing CS exams. One can easily clear theCS exams with 2-3 months with his smart study working. Self Study is better ifyou think you are comfortable with the concept  of the subject. On the other hand, coaching  needed for Practical subjects but right now Taxlaw and practice  and cost and managementaccounting with industrial labour and general laws converted in OMR mcq exam so here no fear about long practicalquestion in exam but need to make command on short concept of every bit becausemcqs are much hard than big questions.

Some Important points regarding your study -
1. Try to remember the concepts and don’t try to mug up things.
2. Analyse each topic from exam point of view  and  give special importance to high-scoringtopics.
3. Take a sketch pen and underline the expected blanks, MCQs and True / Falsequestions. This will help you to score bonus marks since such questions aregenerally easy and  straight-forward.
4. Try to cover the books with index option because index is the back bone ofany book and if you have with you ICSI study material than just go once withICSI study material index.
5. Don’t forget to make short notes its increase your confidence on concept andno doubt next time save your time to read whole concept.
6. Smart study need best reference books with icsi study material becausematerial provided by icsi is too lengthy  so in short time hard to cover whole books that’swhy need best book for study.

7. Revise your study everyday. Which you read yesterday try to recall today atonce if you trying it everyday than you will see magical effect on your conceptgrips.

8. where the numerical data available like penalties-datesof rules-regulation etc there try to make chart because that’s easy tounderstand next time when you want to recall the numerical data.

Analysis of the Subjects:

 1. Tax Law and practice:This subject is divided into two parts – Direct Tax and Indirect tax. Incometax is a bit lengthy  but it is veryinteresting. On the other hand VAT and Service Tax is not that technical &it hardly requires 3 days of preparation. For better understanding and self study studentsmay refer to Best book

A ) Best cs executive tax law and practice theory book forself study

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B ) Best cs executive tax law and practice MCQ book for selfstudy with 2500+ MCQ

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If  you study with ourboth books than you will get grip on whole concept because our theory books giveyou overview on the concept while other side our MCQ book make you confidentabout concept with hard practice for exam.

2. Cost  and ManagementAccounting: This is one of the two practical subjects in the CS Executivecourse. Students from Commerce background might have studied most of the topicsin this subject earlier in some or the other way. As the name suggests, thesyllabus consists of major portion from  Cost and Management Accounting. From practicalpoint of view, topics such as Labor cost- material cost – cost management –accounting  are very important. For thepractical portion Try our best MCQ Books. Don’t ignore the theory portion.Generally, it carries around 50 marks. For the theory portion, refer to ourbest self study material

A )  Best cs executiveCost and Management Accounting  theorybook for self study

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B )  Best cs executiveCost and Management Accounting  MCQ bookfor self study

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3. Industrial  Labour andGeneral  Laws: This is the trickiest andthe most dangerous subject. It is the result changer in the second group.Everyone should be perfect with the labour laws and you must score at least 30out of 40 marks. General laws are very dry and would require detailedpreparation. The trick here is to master the labour laws portion and just gothrough the Industrial and general  laws.Many people fail in this group just because they are not able to score 40 inthis paper. So don’t take this paper lightly & read it regularly right fromthe start.
For making grip on this portion, refer to our best self study material

Best cs executive Industrial Labour and General laws Theory MCQbook for self study

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4. Companies act 2013 : Company law is the Core subject of theCS Executive Course. Students should read this subject to gain knowledgebecause a Company Secretary is expected to be an expert in works related withcompany. Clarity is very important in this subject. Understand the concept insteadof memorized. Try & remember the important sections. This paper is veryinteresting since it deals with all the aspects of a company right from itsformation to its end. Don’t be afraid by the size of the module of thissubject. You can easily score 60 if you understand the concept and theme of thesubject. Undoubtedly, if you mention sections and cases in your answers, itwill fetch you more marks in the exams. However, if you are not sure about thesection, then please don’t take a risk because a single wrong section willmakes your whole answer as wrong for examiner. Wrong section numbers create anegative impression on the examiner & this may cost you heavily in terms ofmarking for your other answers.

For making grip on this portion, refer to our best selfstudy material

Best cs executive Companies Act 2013 book for self study

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 5.  Economics andcommercial laws: This is a difficult subject to start off. When you read it forthe first time, everything will be new & you might find yourself in alienterritory. However, once you get a grip of it, you will find it veryhigh-scoring. The Institute material and scanner is enough for this subject. Itrequires at least 2 readings to become familiar with the terminology of thissubject. In short, this subject is not as tough as it looks.

 6.  Capital Market and Securities Laws:This subject is a little technical. On the day before the exam, you might feeltotally exhausted (this being the last one). You might also find yourself  totally confused but don’t worry, that’s justthe nature of this subject. I would recommend that you study this subject inthe last month because you might not be able to retain it for a long time(unless you have some real-time practical knowledge). Topics such as ‘Stockexchanges’ and ‘Public issue of securities’ carry more weight so lay specialemphasis on these chapters. This is the final paper so just go for it &give it everything you have.

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All The best for your better future. 

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