Important self study tips for cs executive and company secretary exam

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Important self study tips for cs executive and companysecretary exam

important self study tips for cs executive csprofessional  and company secretary examas per new syllabus of icsi

Who can take participate in CS Executive Programme course

EXECUTIVE PROGRAMME  -Students who have graduated in any stream except fine arts or students who havecleared the foundation programme of ICSI are eligible to register for ExecutiveProgramme. The students are required to study and write examination in sevenpapers divided into two modules, i.e. 4 papers in Module 1 and 3 papers inModule 

2. A candidate is required to score 40% marks in each paper and 50% inthe aggregate in each group to clear the examination. The examinations are heldtwice in a year-June and December.

As per ICSI –The Institute of company secretaries of IndiaExecutive Programme New syllabus here below


 Module I

Paper 1. Company Law Paper

2. Cost and Management Accounting Paper ( OMR/MCQ Pattern )

3. Economic and Commercial Laws Paper

4. Tax Laws and Practice  ( OMR/MCQ Pattern )

Module II

Paper 5. Company Accounts and Auditing Practices

Paper 6. Capital Markets and Securities Laws

Paper 7. Industrial, Labour and General Laws   ( OMR/MCQ Pattern )


Planning is an essential for getting the things done in aproper and effective manner. Whatever we do, planning plays a very importantrole. Study for CS course company secretary course is not different from it. Company Secretary Students should ensure thatthey plan for the self study. Even the specific plan for each day self study would begood and helpful for company secretary students in making the self study interesting, and resultoriented. Focused self study planning always helps one in getting focused and monitors the company secretary study progress. Simply sitting down to self study has little value. You must be very clearabout what you want to accomplish during your self study times.

important self study tips for cs executive exam pass infirst attempt

1. STUDY Everyday Continues - In distance learning, the basis of study is generally self study. Asself study is driven by self paced, generally there is a tendency to leaveeverything for the examination day. This tendency leaves us in difficultsituation and students are just cramming at the end minute but withoutunderstanding the underlying concepts. Making self study in this way does not bringgood results. So, to ensure that you come out with flying colors, follow aregular study-pattern

2.  GROUP Self Study -  Forming self study group certainly help the selfstudy student in clarifying the doubts by group discussions, helping each otherin understanding the topics and making a collective study. In the era of Elearning and computer revaluations, online self study group may be formed to exchange theinformation, to make discussions on complicated topics and for other usefulpurpose. The company secretary self study group may also act as a cs social group for briefrelaxation-oriented fun sessions to drive away traces of stress, fears andfrustrations of company secretary self study group members.

CS Notes Home Has Many qualtied online Groups for self study

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You can also Find out us on Twitter – G+ - Pint rest and allother social media tools. Our Main Aim to provide Free Notes to companysecretary students since last 4 years.

3. Fun/Stress free time - If you spend all your time in company secretary cs studying, the output may not be the optimum. It is necessary that you sparesome time for fun and your favourite activity. Engage in your favouriteactivity will help you in refreshing and making the company secretary self study in a much fruitfulmanner.

4. Try to Recall Memorized -:  discussing what you have self studied andunderstood with your friend helps you in getting your doubts clarified andmakes your learning reliable and strong. Find a friend or relative who hassimilar interests or who has been making the same studies and let them knowwhat’s you have studied and what is going on . You’ll understand the company secretary self study materialbetter when you have a chance to explain it out and will be motivated to stayon task in order to keep up with the conversation.


For a good self study company secretary student need best and important reference self study material for doing company secretary study

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