Improving Economies of Scale Objectives In Mergers

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Improving Economies of Scale Objectives In Mergers 

Improving Economies of Scale 

One of the most frequent reasons for merger is to improve the economies of scale. Economies of scale may be obtained when increase in volume of production leads to a reduction in cost of production per unit. They are generally associated with the manufacturing operations, so that the ratio of output to input improves with the volume of operations. Mergers and amalgamations help to expand the volume of production without a corresponding increase in fixed costs. Thus, the fixed costs are distributed over a large volume causing the unit cost of production to decline. Economies of scale may also be obtained from the optimum utilisation of resources and planning, budgeting, reporting and control. A combined business with a large size can make the optimum use of the management resources and systems resulting in economies of scale. This gives the company a competitive advantage by gaining an ability to reduce the prices to increase market share, or earn higher profits while maintaining a price. 

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