Incorporation Limited Liability Partnership

Posted on 05-05-2016        By ADMIN

Incorporation Limited Liability Partnership
The Act has defined “Limited Liability Partnership” to mean a partnershipformed and registered under this Act. This stipulates two requirement.
1. A partnership and,
2. The need of its registration.
Thus, the registration of LLP is compulsory under the Limited LiabilityPartnership Act, 2008. The certificate of incorporation is a conclusive evidenceof its formation.
Section 11 and 12 of the Act contains provision for formation and incorporationof LLP. After that one has to file required Incorporation Form 2 (IncorporationDocument and Subscriber Statement). The registering authority is the Registrarof Companies under the Companies Act. The ROC would register incorporationdocument and issue certificate of incorporation with in 14 days of completionof all formalities specified under the Act.

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