Incorporation Of New Company under companies act 2013 - Registered Office

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STEP 9 - Registered Office
Incorporation Of New Company under companies act 2013 -    Registered Office

9. Registered Office

Section-12 of The Companies Act, 2013 that thecompany on and from the 15 days of its incorporation and at all times thereafter,have a registered office capable of receiving and acknowledging allcommunications and notices as may be addressed to it and company shall furnishto the registrar verification of its registered office within a period of 30days of its incorporation in such manner as may be prescribed.

[Rule-25]The verification of the registered office shall be filed in FormNo.INC.22 along with the fee.

Nominal Share Capital Fee applicable-
· Less than 1,00,000 -Rs.200\-
· 1,00,000 to 4,99,999-Rs.300\-
· 5,00,000 to 24,99,999 -Rs.400\-
· 25,00,000 to 99,99,999-Rs.500\-
· 1,00,00,000 or more -Rs.600\-

This is the basic requirement which must be fulfilled for incorporation of newCompany in India Under new Companies Act,2013.

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