Incorporation Of New Company under companies act 2013 - Apply for Director Identification Number

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STEP-3 - Apply for Director Identification Number (DIN) - 
IncorporationOf New Company under companies act 2013 -  

 Apply for Director Identification Number (DIN)

It is a unique identification number allotted tothe existing director of the company or intending to be appointment as directorof a company according to Section-152(3), Section-153 & Section-154 of theCompanies Act, 2013.

It is only after the DIN is approved, the incorporation documents can be filedwith the Registrar Form No.-DIR-3. However, the name approval can be obtainedprior to approval of DIN. It takes about 7 days for getting the DIN approved,provided all proper documents are furnished. Fees to be paid for the allotmentof DIN is Rs.500.

Documents to be furnished for getting DIN application are:
· Identity proof: Copy of PAN card is mandatory.
· Address proof: Copy of passport or Voter Id or Ration card or Electricitybill or any other address proof.
· Passport size photograph (latest) in soft copy (.JPEG format).
· Current occupation.
· Email address of applicant.
· Education qualification and contact number of applicant.
· Verification to be signed by the applicant.


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