Levels of Strategy cs professional final cri notes

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Levels of Strategy cs professional final cri notes: Corporate restructuring 

Thereare three levels of strategy i.e., corporate level, divisional or businesslevel and operational or functional level.

1)Corporate Level Strategy : At corporate level, decisionspertaining to type of

corporatestructure are taken. These decisions are influenced by various factors

suchas economical factgors, technological factors, legal framework factors etc.

Thesestrategies are normally for a long period, usually 5 years or more.


2)Divisional or Business Level Strategy : Strategies at divisionalor business

levelare directly concerned with the future plans of the profit centers, which are

divisionalizedin large entgerprises. These strategies are market oriented because they dealwith the current and future product lines and current future markets.


3)Operational and Functional Level Strategy : Strategies atoperational or functional level target the department or functional aspects ofoperations and look at the functional strategies of marketing, finance, humanresources, manufacturing, information systems, etc. and devise ways and meansof increasing their contribution to the other levels of strategy.

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