Main Advantage of Corporate Restructuring

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Main Advantage of Corporate Restructuring

(i) to focus on core strengths, operational synergy and efficient allocation of managerial capabilities and infrastructure. 

 (ii) consolidation and economies of scale by expansion and diversion to exploit extended domestic and global markets. 

 (iii) revival and rehabilitation of a sick unit by adjusting losses of the sick unit with profits of a healthy company. 

 (iv) acquiring constant supply of raw materials and access to scientific research and technological developments. 

 (v) capital restructuring by appropriate mix of loan and equity funds to reduce the cost of servicing and improve return on capital employed. 

 (vi) Improve corporate performance to bring it at par with competitors by adopting the radical changes brought out by information technology. 

Corporate Restructuring … Example 

ABC Limited has surplus funds but it is not able to consider any viable projects. Whereas XYZ Limited has identified viable projects but has no money to fund the cost of the project. The merger of ABC LTD and XYZ Limited is a mutually beneficial option and would result in positive synergies of both the Companies. 

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