Market Leadership Underlying Objectives In Mergers

Posted on 13-05-2016        By ADMIN

Market Leadership Underlying Objectives In Mergers 

Major objectives of Mergers 

Market Leadership 

The amalgamation can enhance value for shareholders of both companies through the amalgamated entity’s access to greater number of market resources. With the addition to market share, a company can afford to control the price in a better manner with a consequent increase in profitability. The bargaining power of the firm vis-a-vis labour, suppliers and buyers is also enhanced. In the case of the amalgamation of Reliance Petroleum Limited with Reliance Industries Limited, the main consideration had been that the amalgamation will contribute towards strengthening Reliance’s existing market leadership in all its major products. It was foreseen that the amalgamated entity will be a major player in the energy and petrochemical sector, bringing together Reliance’s leading positions in different product categories. 

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