Members Meetings cs executive companies act notes

Posted on 17-04-2016        By ADMIN

Members Meetings cs executive companies act notes

A company is composed of members, though it has its own entity distinct from members. The members of a company are the persons who, for the time being, constitute the company, as a corporate entity. However, a company, being an artificial person, cannot act on its own. It, therefore, expresses its will or takes its decisions through resolutions passed at validly held Meetings. The primary purpose of a Meeting is to ensure that a company gives reasonable and fair opportunity to those entitled to participate in the Meeting to take decisions as per the prescribed procedures. 

The decision making powers of a company are vested in the Members and the Directors and they exercise their respective powers through Resolutions passed by them. General Meetings of the Members provide a platform to express their will in regard to the management of the affairs of the company. 

Convening of one such meeting every year is compulsory. Holding of more general meetings is left to the choice of the management or to a given percentage of shareholders to exercise their power to compel the company to convene a meeting. Shareholder Democracy, Class Action Suits and Protection of interest of investors are the essence and attributes of the Companies Act, 2013. 

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