Mistakes in cs exam few reason to not pass in cs exam

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Mistakes in cs exam few reason to not pass in cs exam

Here it’s a biggest question why most of student not passedin professional exams like company secretary ( cs) /ca/cwa. No one knows aboutit and no one can make comment on this because marks depend on some theory,concept and things. Today we will discuss deeply on this question why most of studentsnot pass in cs/ca/cwa.

This article is long for reading but your 5 minutes can makesyou perfect and reevaluate yourself .Self study and coaching classes forcompany secretary cs exam both is way for reading but for exam view things aretotally different.

This article is very important for company secretary students - icsi students - cs executive students as well as for cs professional/final students and other professional exam like CA Students and ICWA students.

Professional exams like cs/ca/icwa as we know the passing percentage isnot so more like tradition education.

Everyone is reading – studying in good manner and no doubt tryingto write down the perfect answer for the question than why we not get theperfect marks?

After a long research and conversion with many professionalswe were writing this article for you.

Many time we heard and many people suggest us aboutpresentation of answer but no one knows the perfect framework of answer. It’sjust everyone opinions – predictions about the answering.

I will discuss on in my next blog about style of answer inprofessional exams but today our first exercise about our mistakes.

Some casual expressions and review after the cs exam hall-

1. Paper was so hard

2. oh shit – I missed it

3. I know it answer but not enough time to complete that

4. oh crap – I forget this point

5. i though only 5 question for attempting

6. Too much lengthy paper

7. In first 1 hrs I was completed only 1 question and next2hrs for whole my paper

8. I was confused about the answer

It’s common sentence which you can hear after the paper at outsideof exam hall. It’s really horrible situation because company secretary cs student doing hard workfor exam and this type of situation makes them nervous.

But you really think its matter for professional exam like company secretary ?

Because we all knows in professional exams- time iseverything only hard working  is notimportant here you must  use your mind for smart working.

Now the silly and common mistakes I !!!

 1. Not properly reading the questions and question paper of cs exam

One of the most common mistakes students make is not readingthe question paper properly.

Due to many reasons like bother of exam, fear of exam, fearof that subject, not study well, fear of fail etc.

cs student should be read properly the question paper becausereading properly means increasing your confidence on questions and overconcepts.

So don’t do this give at least 10 minutes to read carefullyyour question paper.

2. Mismanagement of cs exam time

Time management is very important for Company Secretary andprofessional exams like CA/ICWA

Otherwise, you will find yourself struggling to complete thepaper that will create problems and panic to complete whole paper in the lastfew minutes of the exam.

While writing the paper, company secretary students should observed the  word limit and time limit of the question and theymust give importance as per value of question for attempting.

The paper is usually spread into these 4 categories

1. Point Answer – questions (asked for 2 marks)

2. Short Answer – questions (asked for 3-4 marks)

3. Short explanation – questions (asked for 5 marks)

4. Large explanation – questions (asked for 6-8 marks)

Student should manage their time as per the above value and ratiosof questions. Because many time we have seen student give 15 minutes on 2 marksquestion while 5 marks question will get only 5 minutes.

The value of time we not understand in the starting era butend of time when only few minutes remains for the exam than we realised the mismanagement of time.

You can utilise this valuable time for other questions.

3. Overconfidence of sections and concepts in cs exam

Content of the answer is most important thing for any question.Even in technology you can see Google is also giving preference to only Bestcontent of website. Same pattern and things works here your content of answerplay a vital role for your marks.

Often long, essay type questions are answered withoutproperly planning the order in which various points are to be covered.

The answers should be relevant to the questions anddepending upon word limit, proper points and the most important to the valuablecontent.

Guidelines of answer and suggested answer of company secretary institute  cangive you a path about your writing styles.

If you really want to check you and your answer than youmust be try once before the cs exam. Just write down your answer and compare thatwith suggested answer or by module or any best company secretary book which oneyou referring for self study.

If the students regularly analyses the content of theiranswers by keeping in mind the value points given in the marking scheme as wellas compare their answers. It will increase your confidence and point skills in theexamination era.

Overconfidence about the section is also leg in theexamination point of view. Sometimes we written down the right answer and concept in company secretary cs exam but justone wrong section mentioned in answer make the , marking of answer numbers, supplementary copies number,language selection, date etc found many times.

Hope this article will make a new path for your companysecretary self study and cs exam.

CS Notes Home team  with Notes Book Publication always trying tosolve the query of cs students.

Hope this article will effect on your self study for company secretary - cs - ca - icwa and you will pass in your next attempt or if you reading this article for youe first attempt than will get surly success in your upcoming exam of June december company secretary - cs - MAy - November ca - icwa.

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