Necessary clause in a Sub lease deed

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 Necessary clause in a Sub lease deed.  

Ans.) A sub-lease would imply parting with the tenant of the right to enjoy such property in favour of the sub-tenant. Necessary clauses to be mentioned in sub-lease deed are as follows: a) Consideration paid by the under lessee. b) The under lessee covenants with the lessor that (insert covenants and conditions which would correspond with the head lease). c) The under lessee will be entitled to a covenant by the lessor under the terms in the following manner: The lessor hereby covenants with the underlessee that the lessor of the persons deriving title under him will, with respect to the said property pay all rent becoming due under the recited lease and observe and perform all the covenants and conditions therein contained and henceforth on his part to be observed and performed. d) Provisions for re-entry and other provisions as required. 

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