Number of directorships Section 165

Posted on 19-04-2016        By ADMIN

Number of directorships- Section 165  company law 2013 

Maximum number of directorships, including any alternate directorship a person can hold is 20 . It has come with a rider that number of directorships in public companies/ private companies that are either holding or subsidiary company of a public company shall be limited to 10 . Further the members of a company may restrict above mentioned limit by passing a special reso lution.  

Any person holding office as director in more than 20 or 10 companies as the case may be before the commencement of this Act shall, within a period of one year from 


 such commencement, have to choos e companies where he wishes to continue/resign as director. There after he shall intimate about his choice to concerned companies as well as concerned Registrar. 

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