Procedure for issuing Secretarial Standards

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Procedure for issuing Secretarial Standards

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The following procedure is adopted for formulating and issuing Secretarial Standards:

1. SSB, in consultation with the Council, shall determine the areas in which Secretarial Standards need to be formulated and the priority in regard to the selection thereof.

2. In the preparation of Secretarial Standards, SSB may constitute Working Groups to formulate preliminary drafts of the proposed Standards.

3. The preliminary draft of the Secretarial Standard prepared by the Working Group shall be circulated amongst the members of SSB for discussion and shall be modified appropriately, if so required.

4. The preliminary draft will then be circulated to the members of the Central Council as well as to Chairmen of Regional Councils/ Chapters of ICSI, various professional bodies, Chambers of Commerce, regulatory authorities such as the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the Department of Economic Affairs, the Securities and Exchange Board of India, Reserve Bank of India, Department of Public Enterprises and to such other bodies/organisations as may be decided by SSB, for ascertaining their views, specifying a time-frame within which such views, comments and suggestions are to be received.

5. A meeting of SSB with the representatives of such bodies / organisations may then be held, if considered necessary, to examine and deliberate on their suggestions.

6. On the basis of the preliminary draft and the discussion with the bodies /organisations referred to in 4 above, an Exposure Draft will be prepared and published in the “Chartered Secretary”, the journal of ICSI, and also put on the Website of ICSI to elicit comments from members and the public at large.

7. The draft of the proposed Secretarial Standard will generally include the following basic points:

(a) Concepts and fundamental principles relating to the subject of the Standard;

(b) Definitions and explanations of terms used in the Standard;

(c) Objectives of issuing the Standard;

(d) Disclosure requirements; and

(e) Date from which the Standard will be effective.

8. After taking into consideration the comments received, the draft of the proposed Secretarial Standard will be finalised by SSB and submitted to the Council of ICSI.

9. The Council will consider the final draft of the proposed Secretarial Standard and finalise the same in consultation with SSB. The Secretarial Standard on the relevant

subject will then be issued under the authority of the Council.

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