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In addition to the statutory qualifications,a company secretary should possess certain other qualities if he is todischarge his multifarious duties efficiently. The qualities are:


Ø  A sound general education helps the secretary in graspingthe subject without taking much of his time and effort.

Ø  As a large part of the secretary's work consists ofcorrespondence and preparation of report and précis, it is necessary that heshould have a command over language. Further, he should also be conversant withcertain specialized business terms and expressions suited to his work. If hiscompany has foreign connections, it is better for him to have a knowledge of one or two foreignlanguages.

Ø  For the efficient organisation of the office, thesecretary should know the best system of filing and indexing and should have aknowledge of labour saving devices, recruitment of office staff, methods ofremuneration, delegation of work etc.,

Ø  As company secretaryis an executive office of the company, he must also have a basic knowledge ofthe principles of accounting and taxation, consisting of income tax and salestax.

Ø  A thorough knowledge of the various provisions of theCompanies, Act is essential for the secretary .Companies have to functionwithin the legal framework of the companies Act, hence a thorough knowledge of.the various provisions of Companies Act is essential for a secretary.

Ø  For the efficienthandling of staff, the secretary should have thorough knowledge of various actsof legislation which are applicable to the staff, viz., the Factories Act, theIndustrial Disputes Act, the Workmen's Compensation Act, the Employees'Provident Fund Act, the Payment of Wages Act, Income Tax Act, etc.

Ø  Apart from the knowledge of the law relating to staff, aworking knowledge of the laws relating to contracts, negotiable instruments,sale of goods, insurance etc, may be of immense help to the secretary indischarging his duties.

Ø  He should have a thorough knowledge of the business ofhis company and knowledge of the industry in which his company is engaged. Thiswould help him to give proper guidance to the chairmen and the board on variousintricacies of business.

Ø  General Knowledge:GeneralKnowledge helps the secretary in guiding the chairman and board of directors,and in performing his duties confidently. Hence, apart from knowledge of theindustry, the secretary should have general knowledge likes current happenings,economic conditions, political and social condition, market conditions, etc.


Impressive personality:Thevarious qualifications and qualities mentioned above are essential, but notsufficient. Besides these, for a company secretary to be successful executive,he must have a good personality which is a comprehensive term consisting of somany personal virtues and talents such as charming manners, organizing ability,imagination, initiative, strong common sense, originality, efficiency aridintelligence, a sense of responsibility, alertness, self-discipline, foresight,industriousness, courtesy and high moral character .

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