The negative effects of Money Laundering

Posted on 05-05-2016        By ADMIN

The  negative effects  of Money Laundering are as follows:-

            (i)         Infiltration of financial institutions- by organised criminal gangs.

            (ii)        Acquiring control of large sectors of economy- by criminals.

            (iii)       Increase in offering of bribes - toPublic Officials and Governments.

            (iv)       Threat - to the security of the Country.

            (v)        Wrong influence - on the Govt. orGovernment Departments.

            (vi)       Increase of crime and encouragement - ofillegal activities.

            (vii)      Abnormal and unrealistic increase - inprices of real estate, gold etc.

            (viii)     Negative influence - on the Youth of thecountry.

            (ix)       Fall - in ethical and moral standards ofthe Society.

            Conclusion- Thus, the economic and political influence of criminal organizations - can weakenthe society, ethical standards and ultimately the democratic institutions ofthe Country.

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