cs executive Cost and management accounting mcq

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csexecutive Cost and management accounting mcq 

Calculateworkers recruited and joined from the following:

Labourturnover rates are 20%, 10% and 6% respectively under Flux method, Replacementmethod and Separation method.  No. ofworkers replaced during the quarter is 80.

 (a) 112

 (b)  80

 (c) 48

 (d) 64 

Calculatethe labour turnover rate according to replacement method from the following:

  No. of workers on the payroll:

  - At the beginning of the month: 500

  - At the end of the month: 600

During themonth, 5 workers left, 20 workers were discharged and 75 workers wererecruited.  Of these, 10 workers wererecruited in the vacancies of those leaving and while the rest were engaged foran expansion scheme.

 (a) 4.55%

 (b) 1.82%

 (c) 6%

 (d) 3% 

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