free Drafting appearances and pleading notes Introduction to drafting

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free Drafting appearances and pleading notes Introduction to drafting  
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Introductionto drafting  

Drafting maybe defined as the synthesis of law and fact in a language form. Perfection 

cannot beachieved in drafting unless the nexus between law, facts and language is fully understood. 

The old styleof drafting of documents of the Eighteenth Century has given way for

comprehensiveness,exactitude and clarity of expressions. 

“ Theparticular qualities that distinguish the modern style of drafting – the use of

definitions,division into numbered paragraphs and sub-paragraphs with marginal notes,

the growingdisuse of the form ‘shall’ in stating circumstances and conditions, the use of

one word (as‘convey’ or ‘assign’) for the jumble (grant, bargain, sell, alienate, release,

confirm andenforce or bargain, sell, assign, transfer, set-off and confirm) that had often

previouslybeen necessary or thought to be so are to be found in any current set of

precedents.”-E.L Piesse & Gilchrist Smith: The Elements of Drafting.  

Drafting willbe done of documents. Therefore it is essential to first elaborate the

meaning ofdocuments and the provisions in India relating to registration and stamping of


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