free Drafting appearances and pleading notes what is document

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free Drafting appearances and pleading notes what is document 
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Ordinarily the word"document" denotes a textual record. Increasingly sophisticated

attempts to provide access to therapidly growing quantity of available documents raised

questions about which should beconsidered a "document". 

Meaning of Document 

The term "Document" hasnot been defined under the Registration Act, 1908. The object

clause of the Registration Act,1908 merely states that the Act was promulgated to

consolidate the enactmentsrelating to the registration of documents.  

Two Acts refer to the word"Document" in very similar terms: 

1. Section 3 of the IndianEvidence Act, 1872 states that a "Document" means any matter

expressed or described upon anysubstance by means of letters, figures or marks or by

more than one of those means,intended to be used or which may be used, for the purpose

of recording that matter. 

1.Writing is a document;

2.Words printed, lithographed orphotographed are document;

3.A map or plan is a document;

4.An inscription on a metal plateor stone is a document; 

5.A caricature is adocument.  

2. Section 3 (18) of the GeneralClauses Act, 1897, states that a "Document" shall include

any matter written, expressed ordescribed upon any substance by means of letters,

figures, or marks or by more thanone of those means, which is intended to be used or

which may be used for the purposeof recording that matter. 

Thus the word "Document” hasbeen used in a wide sense, and it includes instruments,

deeds, agreements etc.  

Documents will also includeElectronic records.  

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