free company law notes for cs executive updates book

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free company law notes for cs executive updates book

Companies act 2013 is a new subject for all companysecretary students. before this we all knows about company law 1956but now the law has been changed and many new section inserted and deleted forthe making economically growth and harmonised relationship between economy andcorporate sector of India.

The base of law always has same in nature but the differenceof only power of section, rules and regulation.

Cs notes home always said to company secretary studentabout companies act 2013 try to read and make command on basicconcept of subject. Because if your base is strong in short foundation isstrong than you can make a highest building upon them but if foundation is notstrong than its hard to make a strong structure on that.

We produced many free company law notes for companysecretary and cs executive /professional student so here thelist of our free company law notes for cs executive .this freecompanies act notes helps you to making a good grip on the core concept of companylaw.

1. cs executive companies act 2013 important examquestion

2. Companies Act 2013 CSR activity

3. how to pass in companies act 2013- how to readcompanies act 2013

4. Companies act 2013 current case study - companiesact 2013 notes

5. Companies act 2013 notes (Amendment) Act, Highlights

6. Final Notes on Secretarial Standards - ss2 Generalmeeting

7. Final Guidance Note On Meeting Of the Board ofDirectors

8. one person company video notes – companies act2013

9. companies act 2013 Dormant company cs notes

10. Financial year as per companies act 2013 cs notes

11. companies act 2013 Internal Audit

12. Prohibition of association or partnership of personsexceeding certain number The companies Act 2013

13. company law 2013 Memorandum of association Content

14. Formation of a company with charitable objects under companiesact 2013 easy notes

15. RECEIVING OF MONEY FROM THE DIRECTORS under companiesact 2013

16. who is promoter under companies act 2013 csnotes

17. FORMATION OF A COMPANY under companies act2013 cs notes

18. Application for Availability of Name of company under companiesact 2013 cs notes

19. objects Clause under companies act 2013 for incorporationof a company under companies act 2013

20. the issue of Prospectus Requirements as per companiesact 2013

21. Abridged form of prospectus mean as per companiesact 2013

22. what is Shelf Prospectuscompany law notes notes

23. winding up company

24. reason for the winding up of a company

 its just small list of our free company law companysecretary free notes for cs executive and cs professional students.If you wantyou can also see our whole blogs file and downloads file for free companies actnotes.

Our free company law notes for company secretary student can usefor their self study.

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