how to pass in cs executive tax law and practice mcq omr exam

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how to pass in cs executive tax law and practice mcq omr exam

this the biggest question in front of all cs executive student how to prepare for cs omr exam in practical subject.

now here few tips and path towards success.

1. Read the concept and try to make short concept notes as well as mcq on the topic like example

Your are reading about tax law and practice body of individual concept than 

first make short notes on the pin to pin and pin to top so next time when this concept in front of you

than you just need to revise and recall no needed to read whole concept again and again.

after that make mcq on that like

Bodyof individual should consist of :
a) Individual only

 b) Persons other than individual only

 c) Both the above
Ans a

if you going with this format than your concept and mcq pattern will clear in your mined.

but its very hard and tough pattern to reading.

So enjoy the cs notes home Smart study programme because we believe Smart study is better than hard study.

go on the below link and find out the smart study of the whole mcqs.its easy way to gain mcqs and knowledge of study.

we made this specially for self study student and for better evalutaion.

Smart study of tax law and practice mcq exam book

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