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Posted on 03-04-2016        By ADMIN

Mere dil ke jajbaat share kar raha hu aapke sath- Chetan Verma
We Indian are mostly kind in Nature-
If a drunker slang us than we say - chod yaar daaru piya hua hai
If a beggar demanding money - than give like king
If anybody suicide than - oh crap god iski aatma ko shanti de
Many other incidence like terreist attack and all we always doing same thing.May be the real situation is not in our hand thats why.

But But in international and foreign affairs we cant do anything because thats beyond our power but we can stop funding to terrorist and terrorist support countries.

take oath today-
Yes i am Indian and i will use only Indian product - i will use any countries product but will surly avoid to Chinese product.

Dosto Soch badlo Desh bhi badlega,
Aaj kosis karenge to kal bhi badlega,
Hum badlenge to parivaar bhi badlega,
parivaar badla to hamara samaaj bhi badlega,
Samaj badla to dekhlo hamara desh bhi badlega,
Log kahte hai ab hum me des bakhti nahi rahi,
wo to hum paresaan hai education,job or business se
warna aaj bhi khoon ubalta hai hamara,
Dil karta hai kal jakar India ka Flag pure world me laga du........... 
or puri duniya ko dikha du..Ki Dil me aaj bhi Bharat Mata jeenda hai 
Bharat Mata Ki Jay- Proud to be an Indian
Chetan Kumar Verma

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