question on cri for cs professional final student notes

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question on cri for cs professional final student notes

“Theconcept of ‘core competency’ is central to the resource-based perspective oncorporate strategy.” Comment. (5 marks)

Whatis ‘strategic planning’? Discuss its essential features. How does strategicplanning help in strengthening business environment in a company? (5 marks)

Definethe term ‘strategic planning’ Discuss its salient features and improtance intoday’s competitive world. Distinguish it with ‘long range planning’.(6 marks)


 : What is disnvestment’? Discuss the salient featuresevolved by the Government of India for disnvestment in the public sectorundertakings (PSUs).(5 marks)

Adviseon the following with supporting judicial decisions, if any:

(iv)Is it correct to say that the term arrangement has winder scope than‘compromise’under Section 390(b)> Give your considered views. (4 marks)

“Corporaterestructuring increase shareholders’ wealth.” Certically examine this statementcontrasting demerger and bur-back as tools of restructuring.(6 marks)

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