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short notes ADVANTAGES  OF PATENT   :- 

                        APerson may spend heavily on his research and development, before he inventssomething new and useful. This is his “Intellectual Property”.

                        Tosafeguard it, there are two ( 2 ) options. They are :-

            1.         Keep the details of the inventionsecret - so that no one can use it, and

            2.         Disclose all the details, - but getfair payment for the intellectual property.

                        InIndia , we adopted the first method in ancient times, as there was no conceptof patent for intellectual property. The result was that the people did not disclosetheir knowledge. The result was further - that the advances made by the ancientIndians - in Science and Medicine could not be sustained, as the concernedknowledge was not communicated. Thus, our Ayurveda could not make progress. Onthe other hand, Allopathy could make tremendous progress - as the knowledgepertaining to the same was communicated.


                        Therefore,the system of patenting - has the following “ advantages ”, namely-

            1.         it encourages inventions,

            2.         reduces the risk of industrialespionage, and

            3.         helps in spread of knowledge.

                        The(British)  Patent And Designs Act, 1907,became the basis of the Indian Patents and Designs Act, 1911. The Provisionsrelating to Patent in that Act - have been repealed by the Patent Act, 1970, a consolidating law enacted after independence. 

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