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1. A non-Indian company is treated as resident, only if the control andmanagement of its affairs is
situated wholly in Indian during the previous year.
Ans. True

2. Mr. Dye, a non– resident, residing in US since 1960,Comes back to India on 1.4.2009 for
permanent settlement. What will be his residential status for A.Y.2010-11 And2011-
Ans .A.Y. 2010-11 Not ordinarily resident; A.Y.2011-12 And 2011-12 ?

3. Only individual and HUFs can be resident, but notordinarily resident in India; Firms can be
either a resident or non-resident.
Ans. True .

4. Income accruing in Japan and received there is taxable inIndia in the case of-
(a). Resident and ordinarily resident only.
(b). Both resident and ordinarily resident and resident but not ordinarilyresident.
(c). Both resident and non-resident.
(d). Non – resident. `
Ans. (a).

5. An individual is said to be resident in India in India ina previous year (in which the February
month has 29 days) if he is in India in that year for a period or periodsamounting in all to;
(a).182 Days or more (b). 60 Days or more
(c).183 Days or more (d). 150 Days or more
Ans. (a)

6. Company other than an Indian company would be a residentin India for previous year 2010-
11,if during that year its in ……… situated wholly India.
Ans. Control and management.

7. Income to a non-resident by way of interest, royalty andfee for technical services deemed to
accrue or rise in India is taxable in India irrespective of territorial nexus.(Nov.08)
Ans . TRUE. Explanation to section 9(1) makes provision in this behalf. Thesaid amount are
taxable even the services to which they related have been provided outsideIndia.

8. The incidence of taxation depends on the –
(a).Residential status of the assesses (b).Accommodation of the assesses
(c).Citizenship of the assesses. (d).Marital status of the assesses.
Ans. (a)

9. Income accrued and received outside India istaxable in case of a…………
Ans. Resident in India (Ordinarily Resident).

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