what is Corporate Planning Business objectives

Posted on 03-04-2016        By ADMIN

 what is Corporate Planning: 

Business objectives of an organisation will be set and modified from time to time suitably to the business and economic environment. When business environment and economic scenarios are changing, it would be the “corporate planning process” which would be the blue print document to take the company on the high growth path. After the initial period of the company’s incorporation, there would be changes in the business and economic scenario from time to time. Changes take place to suit the developments and growth in the economy. The successful organisation will be active and alert to these changes. In the real sense, to manage, the changes will be one of the biggest strengths of an organisation. To manage the changes, there would be all-round adjustments and improvements in each and every segment of the activity of an organisation. Be, it sales and marketing or human resource development or fund management or commercial and materials management or projects and their management, corporate planning takes into consideration all these into it’s blue print document for strict adherence and implementation, throughout it’s plan period so as to achieve the corporate objectives. 

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