what is Regional Rural Banks cs professional study notes elective subject

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what is Regional Rural Banks cs professional study notes elective subject

In 1975, a new set of banks called the Regional Rural Banks, were setup based on the recommendations of a working group headed by Shri Narasimham, to serve the rural population in addition to the banking services offered by the co-operative banks and commercial banks in rural areas. Inception of regional rural banks (RRBs) can be seen as a unique experiment as well as experience in improving the efficacy of rural credit delivery mechanism in India. With joint shareholding by Central Government, the concerned State Government and the sponsoring bank, an effort was made to integrate commercial banking within the broad policy thrust towards social banking keeping in view the local peculiarities. RRBs were expected to play a vital role in mobilizing the savings of the small and marginal farmers, artisans, agricultural labourers and small entrepreneurs and inculcate banking habit among the rural people. These institutions were also expected to plug the gap created in extending the credit to rural areas by largely urban-oriented commercial banks and the rural cooperatives, which have close contact with rural areas but fall short in terms of funds. 

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