what is Statutory Drafting drafting pleading cs professional notes

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what is Statutory Drafting  drafting pleading cs professional notes

Statutory Drafting 

The documents which are required to be composed with reference

 to the principles of 

legal composition may be generally described as - 

“All writings expressly intended to be, 

or which frequently become, the 

subject of legal interpretation”. 

Statutory drafting would cover: 

a. Statutes and Enactments – i.e. the legal composition and statutory 

drafting of laws, 

enactments or statutes of the legislative body or Parliament.


b. Quasi-Legislative Documents – the term quasi-judicial implies ‘having a partly 

legislative character by possession of the right to make rules and regulations having the 

force of law’. Therefore quasi judicial documents would mean documents like - the 

Memorandum or Articles of Association of a Company, By-Laws of a Society, etc. 

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