what is share explain features of share

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A share is the interest of a shareholder inthe company, measured by a sum of money for the purpose of liability in thefirst place, and of interest in the second, but also consisting of other rightsgiven by the articles. A share can be defined as, "a share is a fractionalpart of the capital of a company which forms the basis of certain rights of amember of the company as well as his liabilities vis-à-vis (i.e., as against)the company"


Features of Shares:


The main features of shares are.

 i.     ii.   iii.   a companyis called a shareholder ormember of the company.

iv.   a member to asharp is evidenced by the sharecertificate issued by the company under its Common seal.

v.   Each share in a company having sharecapital is distinguished by its specific or appropriate number.

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