what is wages

Posted on 22-03-2016        By ADMIN

1.           Wages" means all remuneration, capable of beingexpressed in terms of money, be payable to a person employed and includes houserent allowance, but does not include- 

(i)         the value of- (a) any house,accommodation, supply of light, water, medical attendance, or (b) any otheramenity or any service excluded by general or special order of the appropriategovernment; 

(ii)        anycontribution paid by the employer to any pension fund or provident fund orunder any scheme of social insurance; 

(iii)       anytravelling allowance or the value of any travelling concession; 

(iv) any sum paid to the person employed to defrayspecial expenses entailed on him by the nature of his employment; or 

(v)        any gratuity payable ondischarge;

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