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ATTENTION STUDENTS mcq OMR BASED EXAMINATION IN THREE SUBJECTS OF CS EXECUTIVE PROGRAMME 1. The Institute has introduced OMR based Examination in the following three subjects of the CS Executive Programme wherein students are required to attain working knowledge, with effect from December, 2014 Examinations: (i) Cost and Management Accounting ( Module-I) (ii) Tax Laws and Practice (Module-I) (iii) Industrial, Labour and General Laws (Module-II) 2. In the above three subjects, candidates’ knowledge, competency and proficiency would be examined through objective type Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) under OMR system. However, in the remaining four subjects of the Executive Programme, viz. (i) Company Law, (ii) Economic and Commercial Laws, (iii) Company Accounts and Auditing Practices, and (iv) Capital Markets and Securities Laws, candidates would continue to be examined through descriptive examination. 3. In OMR based examination, each paper shall be of three hours duration having 100 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) of one mark each. The questions shall be of average, above average and difficult level covering entire syllabus. In case any paper is divided into different Parts, i.e., Part - A, Part - B, etc., requisite number of questions shall be asked from the respective Part corresponding to the weightag

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