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cs professional DUE DILIGENCE AND CORPORATE COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT notes paper . State with reasons, whether the following statements are correct or incorrect. i. Internal and concurrent audit of depository participants is mandatory. ii. In case of resignation of an employee the options granted to him shall be vested on the legal heirs or nominees of the deceased employee. iii. Cultural aspects are not as important as business aspects with regard to mergers. iv. Virtual data rooms are more convenient and authentic in due diligence process. v. Issue of Indian Depository Receipts requires certain compliances with respect to the Securities Exchange Commission regulations. (2 Marks Each) b. Critically examine the following. i. Listing agreement has conditions with respect to Minimum Public Holdings. ii. Most of the legal compliances are system driven. (5 Marks Each) 2. a Rewrite the following sentences after filling in the blank spaces with appropriate words. i) In a ………………. merger two or more companies are complementary to each other, get merged. ii) The audit committee shall have minimum …

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