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ELECTIVE PAPER BANKING LAW AND PRACTICE cs professional notes Question No. 3 For a quick and honest grievance redressal ‘Banking Ombudsman’ was created. Discuss the objectives of Ombudsman and type of grievances generally covered under it. Is it advantageous to the society and will it acts as a tool to create a healthier and an ethical customer relationship? Support your answer with suitable examples where help from ‘Banking Ombudsman’ can be taken. (5 marks) Question No. 4 Mechanisation and e-banking has provided speed and comfort for both the banks and the customers but at the same time it has generated risks. Discuss the risks associated with e- banking and your suggestions to minimise it. Give suitable examples of risks possible in e- banking system and its control mechanism. (5 marks) Question No. 5 In the year 1935 Reserve Bank of India Act was framed and after independence the Banking Regulation Act 1949 was created. Describe the reasons of this change and important provisions built in it. Explain how this Act is going to strengthen the banking system in India. (5 marks) Question No. 6 a) What is Garnishee order and where is it applied? Narrate two situations where the Garnishee order will not be applicable. b) What are the uses of Right of General Lien and Right of Set Off? Give an example of Right of Set Off

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