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FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT POLICY 2015 OBJECTIVE In a globalized world today, India’s growth story is intrinsically linked with the story of both Indian entrepreneurship and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). India’s strong fundamentals of stable macroeconomic and political regime,strong institutions, geographical advantage, and the growing aspirational middle class with appetite for consumption have made Indiaone of the preferred destinations for global investment, full potential of which is gradually being unleashed. UNCTAD and Ernst & Young (EY) have included India in one of the top five attractive locations for investment. Japan Bank for International Cooperation continues to rate India as top most promising country for overseas business operations. FDI policy and procedures of a country can deliver results within the boundaries of the sectoral policies and procedures, and it is here that the holistic policy liberalization in the last one year has brought in the maximum thrust. It is not surprising that OECD has termed India’s FDI policy regime today as more liberal than the FDI policy regime in China. It is the intent and objective of the Government of India to attract and promote foreign direct investment in order to supplement domestic capital, technology and skills, for accelerated economic growth. Foreign Direct Investment, as distinguished from portfolio investment, has the connotation ofestablishing a ‘lasting

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