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cs professional GOVERNANCE BUSINESS ETHICS and SUSTAINABILITY test paper Companies Act, 2013 lays that Independent director in relation to a company, means a non-executive director of the company excluding the _________________. (ii) The company is required to file the shareholding pattern with Stock exchange on a quarterly basis within ______days from the end of each quarter. (iii) Corporate Governance Voluntary Guidelines, 2009 recommend that all Independent Directors should provide a _______________ at the time of their appointment, and thereafter annually. (iv) _________ is the international standard giving guidance on social responsibility and is intended for use by organizations of all types both public and private sectors, in developed and developing countries. (v) International standard _______ provides generic guidelines for the design, implementation and maintenance of risk management processes throughout an organization. (1 marks each) (b) State with reasons whether true or false (i) Filing of CSR Committee is mandatory for all the listed companies. (ii) Constitution of Nomination and Remuneration Committee is a non- -mandatory requirement in terms of Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement. (iii) Internal control can ensure the reliability of financial reporting and compliance with laws and regulations. (iv) The tool of legally assigning the cost of certain potential losses to another is known as risk reduction. (v) UK Corporate Governance Code 2010 As a strategy CalPERS invests in sick and ailing companies where it employs good governance practices to improvise company‘s overall performance. CalPERS issued Global principles of accountable Corporate Governance; give a brief account of core principles of accountable corporate Governance.

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