Handbook on trademark - cs executive notes

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Handbook on trademark - cs executive notes free cs executive notes - notes on trade mark What is a trade mark ?A Trade Mark is a visual symbol in the form of a word , a device ,or a label applied to articles of commerce with a view to indicate to the purchasing public that is a good manufactured or other wise dealt in by a particular person as distinguished from similar goods dealt or manufacture by other persons. Object of Trade MarkIS to deal with the precise nature of the rights which a person can a cquire in respect of a TM-The mode of acquisition of such rights -the method of transfer of those rights to others-the precise nature of infringement of such rights-and the remedies available in respect thereof. Functions of a Trade Mark1. It identifies the product of its origin 2. It guaranties its unchanged quality 3. It advertises the products & 4. It creates an image for products. What is a good Trade Mark1. It should be easy to pronounce and remember if it is word mark 2. In case of a device mark -should be capable of being described by a single word. 3. It was be easy to spell correctly and write legibly 4. It should not be descriptive 5. It should be short 6. It should appeal to the eye as well as the ear.7.It should not belong to the class of marks prohibited for registration 8. It should satisfy the requirements of registration. Tips On Trademarks ManagementA trademark is much like that of a human being because the life of a trademark may be correlated to the life of a human being. Every human being is to be named immediately after birth in this earth and on the same line every product is to be identified with a trademark. Hence there is need to nurture trademarks like human beings. Trademark is a major asset of any company. Hence ' trademarks management ' in an enterprise comprises two aspects:

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