History of labour law

Posted on 22-03-2016        By ADMIN

History of labour law concerns the development of labour law as a way of regulating and improving the life of people at work. In the great civilisations of antiquity there were great aggregations of labour which was not solely, though frequently it was predominantly, slave labour. Some of the features of manufacture and mining on a great scale arose, producing the same sort of evils and industrial maladies known and regulated in our own times. Some of the maladies were described by Pliny and classed as " diseases of slaves." And he gave descriptions of processes, for example in the metal trades, as belonging entirely to his own day, which modern archaeological discoveries trace back through the earliest known Aryan civilisations to a prehistoric origin in the East, and which have never died out in western Europe, but can be traced in a concentrated manufacture with almost unchanged methods, now in France, now in Germany, now in England.

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