Meaning of the word - Mandamus

Posted on 22-03-2016        By ADMIN

Meaning of the word - Mandamus The literal meaning of the word 'mandamus' is to command. it is a juridical remedy in the form of a command or order from supreme court or a High court to any constitutional, statutory or a non statutory agency to do or to forbear from doing some specific act, which that agency is obliged to do or refrain from doing under the law and which is in the nature of a public duty or a statutory duty. under the constitution of India, such power of writ jurisdiction is vested with supreme court under article 32 and with the high court under article 226. the writ of mandamus would not lie against the President of India and Governor of the state, private individuals or private body except where the state in collusions with the private party, any member of parliament or state legislature in whom powers are vested for regulating procedure or the conduct of the business of for maintaining orders conditions which must exist in order to grant the writ of Mandamus:

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