Money Market Instruments Bankers Acceptance

Posted on 15-04-2016        By ADMIN

Money Market Instruments Bankers Acceptance It is a short term credit investment created by a non financial firm and guaranteed by a bank to make payment. It is simply a bill of exchange drawn by a person and accepted by a bank. It is a buyer’s promise to pay to the seller a certain specified amount at certain date. The same is guaranteed by the banker of the buyer in exchange for a claim on the goods as collateral. The person drawing the bill must have a good credit rating otherwise the Banker’s Acceptance will not be tradable. The most common term for these instruments is 90 days. However, they can very from 30 days to 180 days. For corporations, it acts as a negotiable time draft for financing imports, exports and other transactions in goods and is highly useful when the credit worthiness of the foreign trade party is unknown. The seller need not hold it until maturity and can sell off the same in secondary market at discount from the face value to liquidate its receivables.

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